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Apex Energetics Bilemin (K11)

BileMin™ helps provide support for multiple aspects of the biliary system by incorporating a special blend of phytonutrients and plant-based enzymes.* Each capsule includes over 90 mg of standardized phospholipids and 325 mg of high-quality, standardized dandelion root extract. This formula can also be useful as part of a detoxification program.*

Bilemin is useful anytime a detoxification program is indicated. Once the liver has detoxified chemicals, they are delivered to the gallbladder for bile secretion into the feces for elimination. If bile synthesis or secretion is compromised, hepatic detoxification of toxins, adverse chemicals or hormones will not be eliminated. This may have adverse impacts on many functional metabolic pathways.

This product should also be considered with anyone who complains of gallstone type symptoms such as intolerance to fried foods, flatulence several hours after meals, excessive burping after meals, etc.

It should also be used in people that have had their gallbladder removed. Once the gallbladder is removed the cystic duct acts as a reservoir for bile, therefore optimal synthesis and elimination of bile is essential. Improving bile synthesis and elimination can be of great value in balancing hormonal patterns due to its ability to support clearance of hormones. Practitioner consultation required.


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